American Pale Ale

Inspired from the Utah region of the US where canyons and coyotes rule this was the very first commercial beer we ever created.  We wanted it to be true to its style, yet as bold and unforgettable as Utah's landscape were to me when I trekked through in 2015.    

It's a well balanced Pale ale, with extra crystal malts to sweeten the palate and compliment the generous Citra dry hopping.

Sweet and fruity aromas are followed by notes of caramels, citrus and stone fruit

Alcohol Content                    5.8% ABV

Flavour Profile

Hot, dry summers on our farm are inescapable. We designed this beer for those weeks of endless dust and heat.

Our Pacific Ale uses all Australian grown hops and grains, and at 4.8% is crushable yet lively, hoppy and fun.
This is one beer you will find yourself drinking without pause for thought, and of course sharing with friends. 

Alcohol Content              4.8% ABV

Flavour Profile

Pacific Ale

Under strict instruction and criticism from Florine, our Belgium partner, this is one beer we had to get right! She says it tastes and smells just like home. 
Brewed with traditional Belgium Yeast you will get hints of banana, clove and fairy floss.  Perfect to enjoy with friends and a meal, this is one beer to enjoy from a land faraway. 

Alcohol Content                    5.6% ABV

Flavour Profile

Belgium Style Saison

Inspired from the summer beer gardens in Bavaria, this is one cloudy, smooth beer.  Incredibly easy to drink, with a smooth white head and hints of citrus and banana.
This is a must try beer.

Alcohol Content                    5% ABV

Flavour Profile

German Wheat Beer

Amber Ale

This is one our favourite beers to drink and make. 

Dark and caramelised malts give this beer a deep rich flavour of raisins and chocolate.  

Best enjoyed between 8-10 degre celsius on those cold winter evenings. 

Alcohol Content                    5.8% ABV

Flavour Profile

Hazy IPA

Like most I don't think I will ever forget my first IPA. It was like a donkey kick to the mouth, dry as the Sahara and bitter like a raw olive. Fortunately our Hazy IPA is nothing like that! It is our most generously dry hopped beer to date and packs a punch of passionfruit, stonefruit and citrus, with a full bodied mouth feel. 

This beer is not for the faint hearted, but also may open up a whole new world of beer for you.

Alcohol Content                    6% ABV

Flavour Profile

A refreshing, well balanced cider with lively carbonation and crisp freshness. 

Alcohol Content                    5% ABV

Flavour Profile                       Medium Sweeteness

Apple Cider