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7  Seas - Pacific Ale

3 Exotic hops sourced from around the globe result in this fresh and crisp, light golden ale with complex floral and grapefruit aromas. Balanced bittering and lively carbonation.  Perfect for hot summer days.

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The Gunslinger - American Pale Ale

Hazy golden with a creamy white head this is one bold beer.  Brewed for the wild west be prepared for adventurous aromatics and powerful bitterness.  

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Medicine Bow  - American Amber Ale

Tradition says the Northern Cheyenne tribes would head  to the Medicine Mountouns in search of Mahogany to hand craft their best bows. 

Like this crafted ale that's Mahogany in colour with hop driven aromas.  Smooth caramel flavors balanced with earthy malt undertones.  A class of its own. 

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New World Cider

Capturing the best that the world's newest apple varieties can offer have resulted in a cider that is simply out of this world.  Summer straw appearance with persistent carbonation.  Medium to dry with fugi and lemon tannins.  Try with fresh raspberries.

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