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Cachaca Collection

Bonfire Station Moonshine Distillery

We're expanding our brewery with spirits in mind! We're exploring potential recipes for smooth spirits. We've been infusing and distilling ready to add an extra kick to your cocktails in the near future.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming 'Moonshine' in-house distilled spirits range.

Logo Cathedral Cherries.png

Cathedral Cherries ft. Bonfire Station

With Cathedral Cherries being so close to home, what better way to combine our businesses than juicing and distilling with our very own home-grown cherries?

We're working out some new spirit recipes and look forward to sharing them with you post-cherry season in 2023.

Barrel-aged Rum

A delicious barrel-aged rum is currently maturing inside our barrels in the shed. 

We look forward to sharing this recipe with you when it's old enough to show ID.

Pouring a Shot
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