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It's in 2016 that the Bonfire Station adventure starts. Rob decide to transform the old golf club on his family property into a rustic country bar with the dream to create a unique venue for guests to enjoy the country life and good beers.

Restoring the old and dilapidated golf club house into the bar and function centre took nearly a year.

At this point he is joined by his partner Flo. Flo and Rob's brother Phil soon join the team to take Bonfire Station to the next level.

Phil who is an experienced brewer takes on the role of head brewer and the brewery continues to grow to this day.  Our beers are now available and enjoyed across the Murrindindi Shire.

Beer Cans
Bonfire Station Team

Somewhere on the spectrum between Albert Einstein and the creator of Frankenstein we find our master brewer, Dr Philip Christopher...

Philip is a lover of beer, all things complicated and running on a shoe string budget so took to brewing like a duck to water. Eight years later and Philip is putting his PHd to noble use, hand sculpturing beer for any occasion.

Don't be fooled, Philip still creates his fair share of Frankenstein’s, but like a well balanced pale ale- Philip can top nuclear fission.

Robert is our head of operation. The real driving force behind the enterprise. His mind never stop running and he is constantly finding way to flourish the family business. Almost to the point to give headache to the rest of the team.

But most of all, Robert loves to share his passion for  beer. Add it to his disposition to go out of his way to satisfy his guests and you have in front of you the perfect host.

Florine is not quite sure how she finds herself stuck working with these two brothers. The rumor says that she fell in love with the region, the project and most of all Robert.
But coming from the beer country that is Belgium she is a great asset to the team, always trying to combine the Australian and Belgium beer cultures.
She is aslo the discret worker behind all the marketing.

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